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Holkar Hostel Welfare - Helping Hands.

Holkar Hostel Welfare aims to contribute to society by moulding our country’s future generations. This trust is dedicated to the complete development of underprivileged students who have enormous potential but deprived of opportunities and facilities.


Scholarships are to reward a student's academic achievement and educational programs to encourage academic, career goals.


Medical insurance plans for students will cover medical costs such as accidental emergencies, and medical evacuation.

Skill Development

Holkar Skills development is the process of (1) identifying your skill and (2) developing and honing these skill in the training center.

Nutritional Support

The Holkar Healthcare Center is a 24/7, full-fledged hospital catering to those from impoverished backgrounds.

who we are

About us

We are here to fulfill expectations underprivileged students.

The Holkar Hostel Welfare is a non-profit organization with a mission to build the network fulfil expectations and develop underprivileged students to maximize their potential and influence systemic reform.

For over 30 years, Holkar Science College, Indore has educated students like us and help us to achieve our dream; to become a reality, now its our time stand together for helping hands for our society. Looking ahead, we seek to expand our network of the hostel, share our effective practices to reform for students across our college.

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Holkar Hostel Welfare

Holkar Hostel Welfare

Indore, India


What in future ?

Upcoming Program to Serve Holkar Welfare Students.

Improves performance. Getting a scholarship takes away all your financial concerns. Thus, it gives you more time to study, gain knowledge and secure better grades.

This will help students to learn new skills and training will help them to be professional in their preferred career choices.

A health and safety program is an organized define safety responsibilities and respond to emergencies that result in the prevention of accidents.

A healthful diet has many and varied health benefits, including a reduced risk, improvements in nutrition make students healthier

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